Holistic Psychiatry

“Where Traditional Meets Transformational”.

Our approach transcends traditional psychiatry by integrating evidence-based medical practices with Innovative holistic healing modalities.

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What We Offer

At Sphosh Health, we listen, treat the root cause, and help you achieve optimal health.

Individualized Psychotherapy

Blend of traditional talk therapy with techniques like mindfulness, meditation, and somatic experiencing to delve into core issues and heal from within

Herbal and Nutritional Psychiatry

Guidance on how diet and herbs impacts mood and mental health, including personalized dietary recommendations based on laboratory testings and

Functional Medical Testing

Cutting-edge approach that goes beyond conventional medical assessments. It delves deep into the root causes of your mental health issues and provides precise insights

Optimal Cellular Health—for Mental Well-being

Cellular function is pivotal for overall health. Environmental toxins hinder our natural healing, leading to rising chronic illnesses linked to hidden toxins.

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Strategies to sidestep toxins Tailored diet crafting Varied treatment modalities Techniques to fortify your mind.

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